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LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, the largest hotel group in Korea, is expanding beyond Asia to become a global brand. We aim to be a brand that deeply moves the hearts of our guests with consistent quality of services and facilities in all LOTTE chain hotels across the world.

For our guests who pursue a balanced lifestyle and know the value of refinement, LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS provides caring services and stylish, modern and comfortable rooms. Haute cuisine and state-of-the-art hotel facilities also offer the guests truly unique experiences.

We hope our guests will find balance in their lives through sublime relaxation at our hotels and resorts.


Global Leading HOTELS & RESORTS Chain

TOP3 Brand Hotel in Asia

Leader in high-quality
business management

Better competitiveness with a focus
on customers and efficiency

LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS continues to develop and seek innovation under the vision of becoming one of Asia’s top 3 hotel brands. To enhance quality in all areas of business, the company continues to improve its services and facilities. LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS is now taking the next step to become a leading global hotel brand that represents Korea.


Become a hotel that pursues love, freedom, and life to move the hearts of customers

Become a hotel that
pursues love,
freedom, and life

Never forget the pride and
ambition of a professional who wins
our customers' trust

Make LOTTE HOTEL global premier hotel
by satisfying guests
beyond their needs with bright smiles

Origin of LOTTE

The LOTTE Group got its name from Charlotte, the beloved heroine of Goethe’s masterpiece “The Sorrows of Young Werther” and a woman who is loved by many readers all over the world. The LOTTE Group has developed into a leading Korean enterprise with the vision of filling the world with love, freedom, and life. It is now expanding further to become a company that is appreciated by people throughout the world. As a global group leading Asia, we are committed to offering our guests a more abundant life and a beautiful future.